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Domain Name Registration FAQ

1. What is a domain name?

Adomain name is a name, such as microsoft.com, yahoo.com,or rdsindia.com, which uniquely identify your company,product, service, industry or interests. They can be used for web sites and personal email addresses (such as you@yourcompany.com).. The machines on theinternet only understand addresses in numerical form,for example, so a domain name is usedto make the address easier to understand. The above address might point to rdsindia.com where "rdsindia"is the name of the company, and "com" is the partof the global network on which the machine sits.

2. Why do I need to register a domain?

Yourdomain (Internet address) defines your company's identityon the Internet. If people are looking for your company on the Internet they will often start by typing inhttp://www.yourcompany.com. Your own domain also gives you a professional looking Web and email address.

3. What can a domain be used for?

Yourdomain (Internet address) defines your company's identityon the Internet. If people are looking for your company on the Internet they will often start by typing inhttp://www.yourcompany.com. Your own domain also gives you a professional looking Web and email address.

Even if you do not intend having your own company email address or Web site, it is wise to reserve your domain as soon as possible, because another companymay register your name before you do.

It may also be a good idea to set up a temporary Webpage giving contact information about your company for people who are looking for your company on the Internet. Some 90,000 Internet domains are registered each month globally.

4. If I register my domain name, do I then own it?

Onceyou register a domain name, you then become the owner of the name. No-one else will be able to registerit. You can sell it, move it and retain full controlover it.

5. What do all the different domains, like .com, .net, and .org, mean?

Theroot-domain defines what kind or organisation youare, so it is important to pick the right one to register.Most companies will try to register a .com domain

There are many types of global root domain:

".com" is the american "commercial" root-domain. Many people think this is the most desirable as it portraysa company as being international.

".edu" is the american education domain - this domainis not available for registration unless you are anamerican educational establishment.

".org" is the global root-domain for non-profit-making and charitable organisations.

".net" is the global root-domain usually used by companieswho provide internet based services, but can be registeredby all.

As well as these global root-domains, there are also regional root domains:

".in" for India as a whole, ".fr" for france, ".de"for Germany, and so on.

New global root domains have also been proposed, suchas .firm, .arts, .rec and .nom, but these are not yet available.

6. What domain name should I use?

Generally,a domain name should be chosen which reflects your company or your web site's content, although thisis simply to make the site address more memorableto visitors.

Most companies with a known brand name which is importantto their business will choose to register their company name with the appropriate root domain extension (.com,.org etc..).

Choosing the right root domain is a bit more difficult,and really depends on how you wish your company to be perceived. See the section on 'What do the differentdomains mean' to help with this.

7. What do I do if my company name is already taken?

Thereis nothing you can do if the name you want is already taken. The alternative is to add a suitable extensionto the name eg.www.yourcompany-india.com.

8. Who owns the domain name service?

Everyone.The domain name service is a database laid out likea huge tree, with the root servers at the base ofthe tree, the domain servers on the branches, and the websites and individual machines on the leaves.The root-servers know about root domains. The domainname service is not a single entity, but a systemspread across thousands of machines in dozens of countries.

9. What does it cost?

Toregister your domain name, RDSIndia charges a registrationfees applicable based on the selection of the TLDs / Extension.

10. Can I include characters such as @, - and * in my domainname?

Adomain name cannot contain dots, spaces or any specialcharacters of any kind except the hyphen ( - ). So, even if the name 'chatindia' is taken, youcould still register 'chat-india'. Try to keep thename you register as short and simple as possible.

11. What is InterNIC ?

Essentially,Internic (Internet's Network Information Center) maintains the database of all of the.com, .net and .org names on the internet. Theymake this data available to all ISP (Internet Service Providers) so that when yousurf the internet, the ISP knows where to direct you.

12. Can you host my web site ?

Absolutely!You can look up our fantastic corporate packages inthe "Web Hosting Section"

13. Ok,I have registered a domain. What do I do now?

Once you have a domain/ web address, you need two things.
1. Space on a web server
2. Web pages

1)The reason for having a web address is to deliverinformation. So that people can access the informationat your address, it must be stored on a computer (server)that is connected to the internet. Also, this servermust be set up so that when anyone types in your address,the server will respond and send the information tothem.
2) Web pages contain the information that you wantto serve. Also known as a website, homepage or netsite,this is the "meat and two veg" or content of the worldwide web.

14. How do I get this "server space"?

RDSIndiaoffers server space to host your web site. We havea range of attractive corporate packages to suit yourconvenience. Look up the "Web Hosting" sectionto know more about this option.

Web Hosting FAQs

15. What is Website Hosting?

Everywebsite on the internet has a server computer whichacts as a "host" computer. This host computeris connected to the internet 24 hours a day. It storesall of the webpage (html) files, graphics and anyother graphics which your website contains so thatyour website and all its contents are available tousers worldwide at all times.

16. Why do I need Website Hosting?

Website Hosting is essential to the very success of your website.All successful websites are hosted using their own domain names. Website Hosting provides your customers,friends, and colleagues with the ability to accessyour web pages on the internet. It also provides youthe ability to send and receive e-mail worldwide usingyour domain name. With our services you will be able to keep your domain name (for example, http://www.yourname.com)and e-mail addresses permanently (for example, sales@yourname.com).

17. Whatdo I need for Website Hosting?

Inorder to have a website "hosted" you needto register a domain name and open a website hostingaccount with a service provider. We provide both ofthese services. You get FREE Domain Name Registrationwhen you sign up under any of our Hosting Plans.

18. What is a domain name, and can you registerdomain names?

Adomain name is a friendly Internet name address thatprovides an easy way for you to locate people, computers,and resources on the internet (ie., siteleader.com).A domain name is a part of a computer hierarchical numbering system that represent IP numbers. IP numbersor addresses are used by computers to find other computerson the internet. For example, rdsindia.com's IP addressis . Each IP address has four sets ofnumbers separated by periods. IP addresses range from4 to 12 digits. Each set of numbers range in valuefrom 0 to 255. Names are easier to remember than foursets of numbers. Yes, rdsindia.com can register yourdomain name quickly and easily using our quick & easy Domain RegistrationProcess.

19. How do I get my webpages to appear onthe internet?

Onceyou have signed up for one of our hosting plans, youcan "upload" your website using FTP(file transfer protocol). FTP allows you to transfer the pages you have created on your computer over toour internet servers. We will FTP your site on tothe server and give you access so that you can updateor work changes on your site right from where youare.

20. What are the different Website HostingServices you offer?

RDSIndiaoffers several different Website Hosting Plans. Theycan be viewed on our WebsiteHosting Plans Page

21. Will I have access to update my websitepages?

Weoffer unlimited 24 hour ,7 days a week access viaFTP and Microsoft FrontPage in order for youto be able to update your website as often as youwish.

22. What is dial-up internet service and doesRDSIndia offer it?

Dialupservice allows you to use your computer system to dial into an Internet Service Provider (ISP) whichis your on ramp or connection to the internet in order to surf. Because we have devoted many of our resources to Website Hosting, we don't offer dialup serviceas we are able to offer you Premium Website Hostingat very affordable prices.

23. What if I currently have a domain nameon another web hosting service, can I transfer mydomain name and web site to you?

Ifyou currently have a domain name located on another ISP/ Hosting Service you can transfer it to RDSIndiafor Web Hosting .

24. How long does it take for a new WebsiteHosting Order to be processed?

Youraccount will be established within 24 hours and we will notify you by e-mail with your user name, passwordand access instructions.

25. Can my website be found worldwide with or without the "www" ?

Your website will be able to be accessed both with and without using the www. in front of the domain name.You could access our page for example by typing in either https://rdsindia.com or http://rdsindia.com

26. Are there any restrictions to the content I put on my page?

We do not accept sites with adult content. We also do not accept sites that provide, assist, or disseminate any and all information related to terrorism, hacking, phreaking, hate crimes, and/or software piracy.

27. Do you register domain names?

Yes,we register domain names. For more details look upour " Domain Name"sectionNow!

28. What methods of payment do you accept ?

Youcan pay check,DD or money order. All youneed to do is go to our "Domain Name registration"section and fill out the order form. Your order willbe processed immediately

29. How can I add my new Web Address to theSearch Engines so people can find my site ?

RDSIndiaunderstands that promoting your web site will be acritical factor in your success . Because of this,we have a service that will submit your website address to the top search engines

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